Red Rock Canyon Climbing

By: Ian Havlick

Red rock canyon is one of the premier climbing destinations in the world. No where else can you climb perfect multi pitch climbs of all difficulty, from easy beginner climbs between 1 and 8 pitches no harder than 5.5, to mega classics such as Epinephrine, or Rainbow Wall...true grade V climbs requiring a long day or even a bivy along the way. 

Being just 20 minutes outside Las Vegas, Nevada, the weather is usually extremely good, especially in spring and fall when the heat of the desert creates perfect T-shirt and shorts weather well into October and even November. Its proximity to a major city allows easy (and usually cheap) airfares from all over the country, and all levels of luxury when it comes to lodging and food. 

There is a reason Red Rock Canyon, Nevada is a perennial destination for avid and beginner climbers alike.

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