What's In Out Pack: Repair Kit

By: Ian Havlick

AMGA Ski Guide Ian Havlick reviews what key items he carries in his repair kit. from Irwin Colorado on Vimeo.

Repair Kit

    • REI toothbrush bag 
    • Voile rubber ski strap 
    • Leatherman Crunch Vise Grip tool 
    • 2 large hose clamps 
    • 2 long zip ties ski basket 
    • 2 aluminum 1/2" angle for pole repair 
    • Dynafit plastic toe piece 
    • 2 hot glue sticks 
    • 1 stubby lighter wrapped with Gorilla tape 
    • small tube Seam Grip 
    • Goretex patches 
    • sticky goretex repair tape 
    • 2 large rubber bands 
    • epoxy and popcicle stick to mix 
    • sawed off Black Diamond Flick-lock pole for splinting broken pole 
    • 6 binding screws 
    • spare buckles 
    • small hose clamps 
    • 6ft String 
    • 3 AAA batteries 
    • 1 watch battery 
    • 1 large speedy stitch needle 
    • pop rivets 
    • drill bit fro pre drilling binding screws 
    • small sewing kit (thread, needles, buttons) 
    • small chunk ski wax 
    • small chunk Glopstopper skin wax 
    • Rubber skin tail rear 
    • extra metal skin clip 
    • steel wool 
Total wieght is around 2lbs but could bail myself out of a lot of situations (broken bindings, ski, pole, ripped jacket, inflatable mattress, tent, Broken boot, sticky skins or skis, a lighter for fire, etc) Many items have multiple uses. I dont carry this kit on casual outings less than a few hours, but on larger trips, guided trips, international travel this little bag is carried everyday.

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