Level 1 Prep

This course will give a general overview of how to prepare and execute a successful day in the backcountry including: essential avalanche hazard information, basic route finding skills, tips and tricks on efficiently using backcountry gear, and an introduction to the variety of resources and information available to the savvy backcountry traveler. During the course participants can expect to be presented with the following topics: 

  • How to use the gear specific to your backcountry sport (telemark, alpine touring, or split-board) 
  • How to prepare and plan for a tour 
  • What to wear and what to pack 
  • How to understand an avalanche forecast 
  • How to identify avalanche terrain 
  • Basics of route selection/terrain features 
  • Basic skinning techniques and setting skin tracks 
  • How to be efficient with transitions from uphill-downhill and vice-versa 
  • Basic rescue techniques 
  • Basic items required for first aid and repair kits 
This course will build a great foundation for students looking to continue on with additional avalanche education/certification in the future. 

Course Itinerary 

Participants who register for this course often have a wide variety of knowledge and impressive skill sets. Consequently, there is not a preset itinerary for this course. Daily lessons and activities will be catered to participants' individual backgrounds and goals.

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