Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing the Gunnison Valley:

Choose from walking and wading, floating or lake fishing depending on your preferences.

Located in the heart of Colorado Rockies, Crested Butte and Gunnison are truly a fly fisher's paradise.  Surrounded by pristine rivers and spectacular mountains, it is easy to see why so many come for the fishing and stay for the scenery. Choose between chasing Rainbows, Browns, and Cutthroats on our semi-private water on the Taylor River or chase wild trophy trout on the Gunnison River,  the East River or many of the small creeks in the valley.  Not only are these rivers some of the best in the West but the surrounding scenery is beautiful and our skilled guides will be by your side to share their wealth of local knowledge. 

Whether you are a lifelong fly angler or trying for the first time, our guides will meet you wherever you are in your skill set.  Let us choose the appropriate flies, tackle, and giving tips to help you land either your first trout on fly or the absolute fish of a lifetime!

"The veterans had stories and smiles that I'm certain will last far into the future. Billy, Ben and Dylan provided us with an excellent trip and exemplify the hospitality and warmth of this valley." - Bryan from Project Healing Waters


GUNNISON RIVER FLOWS                                       TAYLOR RIVER FLOWS
                   TOMICHI CREEK FLOWS                                          EAST RIVER FLOWS
          LAKE FORK FLOWS                                                  COCHETOPA CREEK FLOWS

               OTHER VALLEy Water Conditions

                 Gunnison Weather Forecast 

Fishing Report 

May 15, 2018 

The rivers in the Gunnison Valley are in run-off and should continue to rise with the warm weather. Colder temps at night will slow the snowmelt causing the rivers to clear up, which will provide good fishing opportunities. Normal run-off can last up to 6 weeks, but due to the less-than-average snowpack this year, the rivers could settle down sooner. It will depend on the weather and how fast the high country snow melts. The following report is for the fishable waters in our area: There are plenty of midges and BWOs hatching now, along with some caddis. Fish are moving into the riffles to feed on emerging mayflies, and they are also keying in on big stonefly nymphs. If fish are sipping small bugs on the surface, try a size 18-22 Mole Fly (gray, olive or brown), or a size 18-20 BWO emerger/cripple or adult pattern. For nymph fishing, try a tandem nymph rig using a combination of small mayfly nymphs and midges, or a fish big stonefly nymph up front with a Baetis nymph trailing behind. San Juan Worms and egg patterns can also work well as a lead fly. Good mayfly nymphs include Barr’s BWO Emergers, Two-Bit Hookers, Copper Johns, Juju Baetis, Micro Mayflies, and small Pheasant Tails. For midges, fish small (size 20-24) black, zebra, olive, brown, cream, or red midge larva and emerger patterns. For stonefly nymphs, try Pat’s Rubber Legged Stonefly Nymphs or 20-Incher patterns, size 6-8. If the river is stained but fishable, streamer fishing can be very productive. Sculpin and general baitfish patterns in size 4-8, in black, olive, natural, and white can get fish moving.

-John Bocchino (Colorado Fishing Manager)

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