Peak of the Week Summer Hiking Series

Every Friday throughout July and August, join Irwin Guides and a group of enthusiastic hikers to summit one of the area's most stunning peaks. Crested Butte, Colorado is surrounded by a number of notable mountains, each unique in setting and appearance. 

Hiking schedule & Peaks for Summer 2019:

Mount Belleview - 12,526 feet, July 3rd
A great peak to get the summer mountain climbing season started! Also a good intro to hiking off-trail in beautiful, alpine terrain. We put this mountain first as it is probably the shortest hike in our Peak of the Week series.
Gothic Mountain - 12,625 feet, July 10th
A quick drive up Washington Gulch puts us at our trailhead. We ascend the north ridge, passing several false summits on the way. Some steep dirt and talus hiking will be encountered but nothing too tricky.
Mt. Baldy - 12,805 feet, July 17th
Baldy has many hiker-friendly options. Talus hiking leads to the summit ridge which can be a little tricky and exposed in spots. Folks can hike along ridge for as long as they feel comfortable, or push on to summit if they so desire. No pressure!

Avery Peak - 12,653 feet, July 24th
We'll catch our trail just past the townsite of Gothic. Once in the basin to the south of Avery, we'll ascend steep, grassy slopes to gain our summit ridge. Avery Peak has terrain that may push some comfort levels.
Augusta Mountain - 12,559 feet, July 31st
From the Pittsburg townsite the hike takes us up Poverty Gulch toward a pass on the north side of Augusta. From here, we will head up the beautiful ridge heading south toward summit. Lots of off-trail travel on talus and scree for this one.Teocalli - 13,208 feet, August 7th
We will start on the Teocalli Ridge Trail but then brake off and make our summit attempt via the south ridge. This peak isn't technically challenging. It does however provide beautiful 360 degree views!
Mount Owen *subject to change- 13,058 feet, August 14th
If possible the route will start toward Green Lake. From here the route will make it's way to a saddle on the south side of Mt. Owen; expect fun ridge hiking from saddle to summit! Participants should expect some off-trail, semi-steep talus hiking.
Treasury Mountain - 13,462 feet, August 21st
The Treasure Mountain hike will begin from Paradise Divide and make it's way to saddle between Cinnamon and Treasury. From here you will encounter pleasant hiking on southeast ridge. An exciting finishing push will put you on top of this very high and beautiful mountain.

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