Rock Clinics

Offered Clinics

The Rock Rescue Clinic and Women's Rock Clinic are two courses that will take your skills to the next level. In each of these courses, besides having a lot of fun, safety and learning are our core focus.

Rock Rescue Clinic

This is a “must take” for any serious climber. Learn the necessary skills for getting yourself, or your partner, out of that inevitable jam before it happens. Two full days of rope rescue systems help you learn the skills needed to escape a belay, lower an injured climber, ascend a stuck rope, or rig a pulley system. Learn basic rescue techniques for high-angle rescue situations on both top-rope and multi-pitch routes. You owe it to your climbing partners to take this course…or better yet, take the course with them!

  • Skills covered: rescue specific knots, load transfer systems, knot passes, belay escapes, counterbalanced rappelling, raising and lowering systems
  • Clinic Prerequisites: Participants should have a working knowledge of placing basic traditional rock protection and anchor building skills.
  • Required Gear: All participants need to supply their own harness, helmet, shoes and small basic rack of gear with extra slings and locking carabiners.  


Join the women of Irwin Guides for a ladies’s specific climbing course! Challenging yourself in a fun, supportive environment while taking your climbing to the next level with lots of hands-on experience and personalized instruction. 
This 2-Day course is designed for beginner and intermediate climbers who are looking to learn and move toward lead climbing and multi-pitch climbing. 
Skills covered: Climbing movement, belaying and rappelling Included Gear: All technical gear helmet, harness, rock shoes, ropes, slings, rock protection etc).

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