Crested Butte Climbing Club

COVID-19 Protocols 
The Crested Butte Climbing Club will follow all guidelines & public health orders specifced by Gunnison County as well as adhere to the approved industry sector plan for re-openeing. 
Specifc details are forthcoming.

Our office has not been staffed these past two+ months but we are back with limited staffing now and digging out fast. We are amidst switching our reservation system, but you can still sign your climber up over the phone by calling 970-349-5430. Registration for the full summer program has been extedned to June 12. We anticipate online booking will also being available June 2.

Join Irwin Guides and other youth from the Gunnison Valley every week at climbing camp! 

Let your kids challenge themselves in a fun, supportive environment while building relationships with their peers. This 9 week camp will offer ample opportunity to build a foundation of skills or take their climbing to the next level. Each day will be full of hands-on experience and personalized instruction. This team based camp is designed for local kids of CB to build rock skills, relationships, team skills, and explore their backyards. All abilities and skill levels are welcome. 


Mondays: All Ages
Tuesdays: 7 to 10 years of age
Wednesdays: 11 to 14 years of age

Our goal is to provide a fun, inclusive, and safe environment for youth to develop through the sport of climbing. Want to know more about a typical Crested Butte Climbing Club Day? Watch the video below created by one of the club instructors, Ben Johnson!

Skills covered
A 9-week progression with emphasis on climbing movement, knots, belaying, and rappelling. Program IncludesTransportation from our office in Crested Butte to each week's climbing location. Professional climbing instructors. All technical gear including helmet, harness, rock shoes, ropes, slings, rock protection, etc). The season finale ends with an optional climb of Mt. Crested Butte's "Guide's Ridge"* and a mini-donut party.

*Students will need to complete a climbing assesment in order to participate in the Guides Ridge Day. 
The Guides Ridge day is dependent on Crested Butte Resort re-opening for summer 2020 amidst the COVID-19 situation.

Club Fees & Attendance

The program is progressive in nature, thus we highly discourage missing too many sessions. 
Much like climbing itself, a level of commitment will ensure athlete safety and the most fun.

However, we understand that many families plan vacations during the summer time and making every session may not be possible. With this in mind the Crested Butte Climbing Club does provide a "drop-in" rate. 
Note that in order to meet the demands of planning a well-organized summer and to ensure we are able to pay our AMGA certified instructors; all program fees are due at the time of registration and by no later than June 12. We are not able to issue credits for any days missed. 

Crested Butte Climbing Club custom hoody sweatshirts are available for purchase.


Week 1 - Location: Hartman’s Beginner Slabs 
  • Skills: Climbing Safety Briefing/Equipment/Equipment, clothing selection, knots, belaying, Leave No Trace, Climbing Technique & Climbing Etiquette

Week 2 - Location: Taylor Canyon - Persnickety /Rogue Area
  • Skills: Using Climbing Guide Books, Reading Topo Maps & Training for Climbing

Week 3 - Location: Taylor Canyon - Mike and Annie’s
  • Skills: Map and Compass, Placing Trad Gear & Slack-lining

Week 4 - Location: Cement Creek - Rt. Side of Anarchy Wall - Park at bottom of Narrows
  • Skills: Camp Site Selection & Emergency Shelter Construction

Week 5 - Location: Taylor Canyon - N. Bank Campground Top Rope Area
  • Skills: Survival Skills & Intro to Wilderness First Aid

Week 6 - Location: Spring Cr. - Roadside Crag
  • Skills: Staying Warm, Fire Safety & Building a Fire

Week 7 - Location: Spring Cr. - Car Killer Buttress
  • Skills: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Taping a Sprained Ankle & Splints

Week 8 - Location: Hartman's Buddha's Belly or Buddha’s Slab
  • Skills: Lightning Protocols in the Backcountry

Week 9 - Location: Taylor Canyon - North Bank Campground Top Rope Area
  • Skills: Gear Repair & Debriefing with Review

Alternative Location - Location: Taylor Canyon 1st Buttress
  • Skills: Water Filtration and Purification

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